Who We Are

Join the Team!

  • Our nurses all have a minimum of 2 years experience
  • Job placement in facilities all around New England
  • Flexible shifts and per diem options.

Karen’s Story

Meet Karen O’Donnell, the visionary founder of Caring Nurses Staffing Agency! , Karen shares what spurred her to found Caring Nurses. She set out to make a difference in healthcare staffing, ensuring patients receive the best care possible and nurses had a better option than traditional agencies.

Our Goals

Discover our roadmap for providing unparalleled care and how we want to keep setting new standards in healthcare.

Relationship First

Discover what makes Caring Nurses Staffing Agency stand out in our latest video, featuring our dedicated owner Karen O’Donnell. Learn about her unique approach to both her nurses and her clients and why at Caring Nurses Staffing Agency we put “relationships first”.


Discover the values and qualities she looks for to ensure our patients receive top-notch care. From compassion to expertise, learn what makes a Caring Nurse.