Join the Team!

  • Our nurses all have a minimum of 2 years experience
  • Job placement in facilities all around New England
  • Flexible shifts and per diem options.

Matthew Case, RN

Long Term Care, Med/Surg, Emergency Nursing

Erika Roy RN

Erika Roy, RN

Med/Surg, Emergency Nursing, Nursing Management

Jennifer Nobert

Jennifer Nobert, RN

Long Term Care,  Home Care, Med/Surg Nursing

Kim Sanphy

Kim Sanphy, RN

Med/Surg, Long Term Care, Emergency and Nursing Supervisor

Sharon Breidt, RN

Med/Surg, Labor and Delivery, Pediatrics, Long Term Care, Emergency Nursing

Helen Moody, RN

IV Therapy, OR, PACU, Critical Care, Med/Surg Nursing

Erika Roy RN

Kim Bisson, RN

Emergency & Oncology Nursing

Jennifer Nobert

Jessica Philbrick, RN

Medical Surgical, Long Term Care

Kim Sanphy

Amanda Roy, RN

Randi McHugh, RN

Erika Roy RN

Elizabeth Trabucco, RN