Why should you work with Caring Nurses?

Our nurses have very flexible schedules.  When they are able to pick up shifts, then our manager works with the facilities to fill the needs.  So the nurses have control of their schedule!  There are also opportunities for last minute employment due to call outs or sick leaves.  We work hard to satisfy our nurses!

        Caring Nurses are paid very well! Our salary is determined by years of experience of each nurse, so the more experience you have, the more money per hour you will make.  Our pay scale is well above the average salary for facility nurses in NH.  The minimum experience level for application to the agency is 2 years.

        As many of our nurses have found, the facilities that we staff are very helpful and work with the agency to provide a positive experience for each nurse.  We want our nurses to enjoy working for us so we make sure that they are happy with their work environment.  Since the agency is owned and operated by an RN who still works with patient care, and knows first hand the challenges that nurses face, our nurses feel continued support to succeed in their job and with our company!

Registered Nurse Median Pay

Registered Nurses make on average 88% above the median annual pay in the United States ($34,750).

Hospital Workforce

61% of all nurses work in a hosptial that is state, local or privately owned.


LPN Job Growth

Employment of LPN’s is expected to grow by 182,900 jobs by 2022, a 25% growth.