Thinking of becoming a travel nurse? What to consider before you make the leap.

Jan 16, 2024 | Blog, Nurses

Travel nursing offers a unique and exciting career path for nurses, combining the opportunity to explore new places with the fulfillment of providing critical healthcare services. However, as with any significant career decision, there are important concerns to consider before taking the leap into travel nursing. If you’re thinking of becoming a travel nurse, let’s talk about a few things you should take into consideration first.

Understanding the Nature of Travel Nursing

Travel nursing involves working temporary assignments in various healthcare settings, often in different cities or states. While this offers an opportunity to see new places, it also means constantly adapting to new environments, teams, and patient populations.This can be a deal breaker for some, and nurses need to assess their adaptability and willingness to frequently step out of their comfort zone.

Evaluating Financial Implications

One of the most attractive aspects of travel nursing is the potential for higher pay compared to permanent positions. However, it’s crucial to understand the complete financial picture, including:

  • Housing and Living Expenses: While some agencies often provide housing or a housing stipend, costs can vary widely by location depending on assignment.
  • Tax Implications: Navigating tax rules is always complex.
  • Benefits: Understand what health insurance and retirement benefits are offered, and how they compare to permanent positions.

Considerations for Personal and Family Life

Travel nursing can significantly impact personal and family life. Nurses with families or significant others must consider how frequent travel will affect their relationships and family dynamics. For those with children, issues like schooling and childcare become paramount.

Professional Development and Career Growth

While travel nursing can offer diverse experiences, nurses should consider how it fits into their long-term career goals. Some concerns include:

  • Skill Development: Ensuring each assignment contributes to professional growth.
  • Specialization: The feasibility of specializing in a specific area while moving between different healthcare settings.
  • Licensing: Obtaining and maintaining licenses in multiple states.

Healthcare Facility Adaptation

Each new assignment means adapting to a new healthcare facility with its own culture, policies, and procedures. This can be challenging, requiring quick learning and integration skills.

Social and Support Networks

Travel nurses often find themselves in locations where they lack a social network. This can lead to feelings of isolation, so it’s important to consider strategies for building new relationships and maintaining existing ones before taking on a travel position.

Mental and Physical Health

The lifestyle of a travel nurse can be both physically and mentally demanding. Coping with new environments, work stress, and the absence of a regular support network can take a toll. Prioritizing self-care is crucial.

Work-Life Balance

Managing work-life balance is a key concern, especially given the irregular hours and potential for overtime in nursing roles.

Contract Terms and Conditions

It’s vital to understand the terms and conditions of each contract, including assignment length, pay rates, overtime rules, and termination policies.

Professional Autonomy and Respect

As temporary staff, travel nurses might face challenges in terms of professional autonomy and respect from permanent staff. Assessing how to navigate these dynamics is important.

Relationship with Staffing Agencies

A good relationship with the staffing agency is key.

Nurses should evaluate the agency’s support, responsiveness, and reputation.

Health and Safety Concerns

Understanding the health and safety protocols of different facilities and how they align with personal comfort levels, especially in the context of infectious diseases like COVID-19, is critical.


Becoming a travel nurse offers an array of unique opportunities and experiences. However, it requires careful consideration of various factors impacting one’s professional practice, personal life, and overall well-being. By thoroughly evaluating these concerns, nurses can make informed decisions about whether travel nursing is the right path for them. For those who decide to embark on this journey, the rewards can be substantial – not just in terms of career growth and financial benefits, but also in the richness of experiences and the diversity of people and places they will encounter. As with any significant career move, the key is to go in with eyes wide open, understanding both the challenges and the vast opportunities that travel nursing presents. DO YOUR RESEARCH!


There are many social media travel nursing groups that have ongoing discussions about the rewards and challenges that nurses across the world face.  These forums are great for nurses new to Travel nursing or who are just thinking about it.  There are also discussions about the MANY different travel companies Pros and Cons.

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