Karen O'Donnell RN, BSN, CAPA, CEN TCRN
Karen O'Donnell has been an RN in NH since 1994 where she has experience Hematology/Oncology, Med/Surg, IV Therapy, Geriatrics, Ambulatory Surgery and Emergency Nursing.

Long term care, Med/Surg, Emergency Nursing
Long Term, Home Care, Emergency Nursing
Critical Care, Emergency Nursing
Med/Surg, Emergency, Nursing Management
Long Term Care, Home Care, Med/Surg Nursing
Med/Surg, Long Term Care, Emergency and Nursing Supervisor
Med/Surg, Labor and Devlivery, Pediatrics, Long Term Care, Emergency Nursing
IV Therapy, OR, PACU, Critical Care, Med/Surg Nursing
Experience: Emergency and Oncology Nursing
Medical Surgical, Long Term Care Nursing experience
  Randi McHugh RN